Politics For Beginners

What is an election? Who gets to be prime minister or president? What does immigration mean? This essential introduction to politics for children answers all these questions and many more. Topics debated include capitalism, socialism and nationalism, terrorism, voting systems, free speech and human rights. Included are tips on how to argue and debate, a glossary and links to specially selected websites with more information.

Politics for Beginners is a wonderful book and an ideal introduction to politics, governments and ideologies. Each topic is clearly presented, simply but not patronisingly explained and accompanied by bright infographic-style illustrations. Examples used are clear and relatable – for example, in explaining political systems, home is compared to an absolute monarchy (i.e. brush your teeth and go to bed!). The authors have worked hard to avoid bias and outline all sides of an argument equally and fairly. They have also managed the not inconsiderable task of making over 120 pages of political writing funny, accessible and informative. The casual tone and witty illustrations mean that this is in no way an intimidating read for any young person with an interest in politics or the world around them.

Book Cover - Politics For Beginners
Publication Date
February 2018
Age range