Princess Olivia Investigates: The Wrong Weather

Hawking’s book does a great job of mixing facts with fiction. The story follows Princess Olivia from the palace to her new home and readers get the opportunity to learn about climate change which is an increasingly important topic. Princess Olivia, who isn’t fussed about being a princess at all, is a very determined protagonist. She is delighted when she learns that she will not be a princess anymore.

She is excited to go to school and make new friends, but when her new home is filled with rubbish and bad weather, she becomes determined to find out what is going on. She happily swaps her crown for a lab coat and readers follow her on her adventure as she strives to save her city. 

Hawking’s book is an interesting read. It is straightforward, but the book does contain some rather complex scientific definitions which may challenge some younger readers while fascinating others. The illustrations, while lovely, could have been slightly more colourful as all of the images in the text are grey which contrasts greatly to the book’s bright cover.

Overall, this text is a very useful one when it comes to introducing the topic of climate change to younger readers and the investigation element of the story should keep readers engaged and entertained. The book contains sophisticated language that some readers may find difficult, while others will enjoy the challenge and all of the characters are very likeable and easy to root for.

Book cover - Princess Olivia Investigates: The Wrong Weather
Publication Date
April 2022