Pug-a-Doodle-Do! is a doodle and activity book with a difference, full of drawing and writing adventures inspired by the wacky world of Reeve and McIntyre who have previously brought us the best-selling fiction titles Oliver and the Seawigs, Cakes in Space, Pugs of the Frozen North, and Jinks and O’Hare Funfair Repair.

The book contains a huge number of creative writing activities and doodle challenges to test the young reader’s creativity – from taking part in a comics jam; designing combat-skilled pugs and learning how to draw sea monkeys and killer cakes. In addition, the reader can catch up with the secret diaries of Colin the Crab; see what happens when a supervillain has to do the washing up; and much, much more.

This huge range of activities is presented with an anarchic sense of humour filled with groan-worthy puns and some silly toilet humor. This will no doubt be appreciated by younger readers who are already familiar with the worlds of Reeve and McIntyre.

This sense of fun also means that the challenges can be taken lightly and the underlying message is ‘it doesn’t matter if your drawing turns out slightly different to the example given’, which subtly but reassuringly gives license to not be perfect and instead to simply be creative.

All in all a fun, good quality activity book and an excellent time waster for clever kids who appreciate a good chuckle.

Book Cover - Pug-a-Doodle-Do!
Publication Date
September 2017