Ravi’s Roar

Ravi is the smallest one in the whole family – even the dog is bigger than him! And being little means that he keeps missing out on things and it begins to make him mad. He gets so angry that he transforms into a tiger and roars! Being a tiger is a lot of fun, but he turns rude and selfish, and no one wants to play with him anymore. The magic words ‘I’m sorry’ transform him into a boy once more.

This is a sweet, simple tale with an important central message about learning how to manage the emotions that bubble up inside. It is about politeness and consideration for others, but it does not advocate just bottling emotions; Ravi learns confidence, and, at the end he is shown standing up for himself. He no longer roars and throws tantrums, but he still sometimes gives a little growl, just to put the bullies in their place.

The illustrations are fun and evocative; the anger welling up in Ravi is conveyed through the colour red. It builds in scribbles around his head and then explodes and crackles around him when he roars. While Ravi rages the world fades to black and white, as nothing else seems of importance to him.

This is a positive book with an important lesson that some children need an extra hand learning.

Book Cover - Ravi's Roar
Publication Date
August 2019
Age range