Read, Scream, Repeat

In her introduction Jennifer Killick promises jump-scares, suspense and pure horror and my goodness, does she deliver! A truly terrifying collection of brand-new short stories, the title absolutely does what it says on the tin. These are spooky tales that you'll want to read again and again, share around campfires, and bring out each Halloween. Reader beware! You’re in for a treat! If you dare turn the first page …

Jennifer Killick has chosen some of the best authors to send shivers up the reader’s spine. This book is a who’s who of some of the best writers for children, including Sharna Jackson and Joseph Coelho. From zombies to haunting dolls, ghosts to creepy carpets, every setting and every fear is well and truly covered in this wonderful selection, with so many cliffhangers the reader is left wanting more!

Jackson’s Charlie’s Twelfth is a particular highlight and a very unsettling story of friendship. Game Over by Aisha Busby is an intense adventure in five parts, as the main characters battle through the levels of an arcade video game we see the dark side of young life with big decisions to be made by the end. A pair of ghastly twins get a surprise in Deep Water by Dan Smith, perhaps they should have been kinder to their visiting cousin …

Ideal under-the-duvet reading for confident readers, alternatively, this collection will also shine when read to a group and is a great starting point for young horror-lovers. Suitable for ages 9 and upwards, it's not only kids who'll be watching their back after reading this book!

Book Cover - Read, Scream, Repeat
Publication Date
August 2023