Reading guide 2017

Children’s Books Ireland produces an annual reading guide detailing the best books of the year for readers aged 0–18. Our reading guides and lists are designed to connect young readers with the right books for them and with stories they will love.

"We know that ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work for books: our CBI Book Doctors hold clinics all over Ireland to meet with young people and talk to them about their interests before prescribing great books for them to read. They are the section editors of this guide, which ensures they are up-to-date with the very best reads available for young people."

Cover illustration by P.J. Lynch 

Section Editors:

  • Age 0-2 Kim Harte
  • Age 2-4 Kim Harte
  • Age 5-8 Olivia Lally
  • Age 9-11 Anne Gannon
  • Age 12 -14 Síne Quinn
  • Young Adult Becky Long
  • Poetry Ruth Concannon
  • Non-fiction Juliette Saumande
  • Irish language Claire Marie Dunne