The Red Gloves and Other Stories

The Red Gloves and Other Stories is a spooky and atmospheric collection of short stories inspired by a variety of Welsh myths and folktales. From a menacing pair of red gloves that have a mind of their own, to a mysterious snow-white hare that arrives in the night with much more to it than meets the eye, this collection has it all!

There are nine eerie stories in the collection in total, with some spectacular pieces standing out above the others in their chilling nature, namely, “The Red Gloves”, “The Hare”, and “Sgilti Lightfoot.” Overall, the collection is well written, with excellent tension and atmosphere created by Fisher throughout. The characters we meet are convincing which adds an unsettling believability to each of the spooky stories. However, though each story makes an exciting read, most leave off just as peak action has unfolded, disappointingly leaving the reader in the metaphorical lurch, wanting more. In many cases, these abrupt endings ultimately overshadow Fisher’s well-crafted stories, leaving the reader feeling frustrated by the lack of resolution offered.

All in all, a nice collection that will appeal to fans of folk stories and the uncanny. Perfect for delving into in the run up to Halloween!

Book Cover: The Red Gloves and Other Stories
Publication Date
September 2021
Age range