Reggie Houser Has The Power

Reggie Houser has ADHD and struggles to make friends at school, with even his mum and teachers seeming to be constantly weary of his erratic, high-energy ways. But when he sees a hypnotist perform on stage at the holiday park he visits, Reggie becomes obsessed with learning the skills of mind control and discovers he has an incredible talent for it!

As the action grows, Reggie, hypnotises the dog to think he’s a frog, then makes his headmaster cluck like a chicken in assembly in front of the whole school! But qhen a group of mean kids supposedly take Reggie under their wing, Reggie must decide to use his skills for good or bad, and come to trust his own brain to make decisions.

This a really well-written book filled with amazing characters that shows the importance of friendship and that the right friends will always help you. Helen Rutter has done an excellent job of creating a character that readers can’t help but fall in love with. You can really see that Reggie is trying and wants to do his best, but while it doesn’t always work out, he certainly does try. An appealing feature of this story is that it gives readers an insight into how some people with ADHD may experience the world, along with tips and tricks interspersed throughout the narrative that will help you to learn about hypnosis.

Book Cover - Reggie Houser Has The Power
Publication Date
February 2024
Age range