Remarkable Creatures: A Guide to Some of Ireland’s Disappearing Animals

Remarkable Creatures is a visually stunning and informative guidebook that teaches young readers about the endangered creatures of Ireland and suggests actions they can take to help protect them. Arranged in a scrapbook style, the book takes a multi-faceted approach to teaching, with vibrant illustrations, bite-sized facts, and a variety of activities included to help readers become active players in the conservation of creatures such as the Great Yellow Bumblebee, and the Barn Owl.

Grandowicz’s beautiful illustrations of the creatures in action emphasise their remarkable nature, while the text spread around the page provides fascinating information about each and the causes of their endangerment. The engaging layout of illustrations and text makes the information accessible and simple to process throughout. The author’s communication of information is particularly effective as it conveys dire endangerment statistics without overwhelming the reader, instead highlighting the role they can play in the efforts of Irish conservation organisations. The recommended activities throughout the book are an excellent way to help children engage with their natural environment and put their new learnings to good use, with how-to craft activities for an owl nesting box and a plant tower included within.

Remarkable Creatures is perfect for use both in the classroom and in local natural spaces, such as the beach, the woods, and the wider countryside. It will appeal to a wide-ranging readership but has been tailored by the author for ages 10-15.

Book Cover - Remarkable Creatures: A Guide to Some of Ireland’s Disappearing Animals
Publication Date
October 2021