The Rescue of Bunny Wunny

Ever since she was born, Imelda has clung unto her favourite toy: Bunny Wunny. But the love she gives her “precious toy” is a tough one and for better or for worse – mostly worse in this case ­– the poor stuffed rabbit follows wherever she goes. Until one day, Bunny Wunny has had enough and decides to hide and run away from the spoiled little girl that is his owner. When Imelda decides to replace Bunny Wunny by a real rabbit, things take a bigger-than-life and unexpected turn. This rabbit ain’t scared of no little girl and is about to teach Imelda a lesson!

Emma Chichester Clark’s story is a humorous cautionary tale about love, friendship… and misbehaving children! Imelda is the perfect anti-hero, a bully with temper tantrums that will make the tongue-in-cheek and comically unconventional ending that much more enjoyable for young (and older) readers. The use of uppercase fonts in devouring speech bubbles adds to Imelda’s awful temper in a smart and expressive way, while the author’s bold brush stroke and colourful palette conveys the energy of the mischievous toddler. Young readers will also delight in spotting Bunny Wunny’s various hiding places across the spreads.

The Rescue of Bunny Wunny is a feisty read, one that will be greatly enjoyed by readers aged 5 to 7 and one that parents could most appropriately refer to when their little ones start behaving a touch too much like Imelda…

Book Cover - The Rescue of Bunny Wunny
Publication Date
October 2018