Rita Wong and the Jade Mask

In this fun and metropolitan mystery story, Rita Wong stumbles upon Neon city after accidentally following what she believes to be a someone dressed as a dragon. There Rita meets Lester Thyme, the dragon she haplessly followed into the magical city of werewolves, goblins, dwarves, and all other species of magical creatures.

Rita makes it her mission to find Lester a job. The two pair up as private investigators after Lester reveals an uncanny knack for spotting clues. After a brief encounter with a bamboozled policeman, Rita bargains for Lester and herself to take a case for a big sum of money. Their case entails some stolen goods, two vampires and lemonade. Rita and Lester must learn how to be investigators as quick as they can, whilst trying to uncover their mystery.  However, in their race to uncover the crime, they  discover that sometimes looks can be misleading. 

Jones creates a fun and humourous atmosphere to this fast-paced mystery. The detective duo is perfectly and comically matched. The book frequently contains beautiful sketches of scenes that reveal a real sense of the characters, and of the magical city. Neon city is alive and thumping from its first mention in the book and there is a wonderful map, which beautifully portrays the locations Rita and Lester visit. This book combines a classic detective story with supernatural characters. Readers will be enthralled as Lester and Rita discover more clues and try to uncover the thief.