The Robber Racoon

Rosie Racoon is up to no good, out and about in a grand neighbourhood. We follow her as she sneakily breaks into the homes of Bear, Flamingo and Snake – no one is safe! The police are right on her tail and soon Rosie gets caught, but nothing of value seems to have been robbed … unless you have a keen eye for recycling and an artistic flair.

The robber raccoon character is inspired by the children at Sheldwich Primary, who suggested the idea and the premise of the book: someone’s rubbish might be someone else’s treasure. Written in simple and easy rhymes, The Robber Racoon is a fun read that children will enjoy as they guess what comes next. For those who are starting to learn how to read, this is a great confidence booster.


Filled with lovely illustrations and clever design, including a wide variety of expressive and captivating characters, The Robber Racoon is a delight. From the pictures, we are led to think Rosie Racoon is stealing the most expensive contents of the other animals’ houses, but upon her being caught, the artwork begs for a second inspection. Only then can we see the hidden gems that Rosie Racoon was truly looking for.


A charming story that will certainly spark sustainable creativity in the little ones.

Book cover - The Robber Racoon
Publication Date
June 2022