Run for Your Life

Run For Your Life begins with a dedication to young people living in Direct Provision in Ireland. The story is narrated by central protagonist Azari, and is split between her past life, before she became a refugee, and her present life in Ireland. The transitions between the two are seamless, leaving the reader constantly wanting to know what will happen next.

Through Azari’s perspective, we can see clearly the barriers encountered by those applying for refugee status in Ireland. We also get a sense of how hopeless life in Direct Provision can feel; through Azari's observant eyes, we see how others around her drift towards depression and listlessness. Azari herself is resilient and strong, growing into herself throughout her story, infinitely relatable and emotionally convincing as a character.

This is a great read on what is a difficult topic, and this reviewer commends the author on creating such a readable story that showcases Azari's voice, speaking her life and her truth, loud and clear. 

About the Author
Headshot of Jane Mitchell
Jane Mitchell has written several books for children and young people. Her first novel, When Stars Stop Spinning, was Bisto Book of the Year, and her novel Chalkline won not only a CBI Merit award but also the Children's Choice award. She works in disability provision in Ireland and travels widely, including recently to the refugee camp in Calais.
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Publication Date
April 2022