Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound is a sweet bedtime picturebook in which the reader is presented with a wide variety of baby animals who are kept safe by their respective grown-ups in all sorts of different environments: chipmunks live underground, anteaters ride on their mothers’ backs, kangaroo joeys need a comfy pouch and crocodile hatchlings hide inside their mother’s mouth.

Jean Roussen’s simple rhyming verse has a great sense of cosiness and warmth. The main focus is on the concept of a little one being cared for until he or she is ready to face life’s challenges on his or her own. The ending is also very satisfying, connecting the animal-like experiences to the human one and creating an atmosphere of calm and safety for the reader. The beautiful pictures by Loris Lora have a touch of mid-century art, reflected by the softly muted colour palette and bold graphic depictions and compositions. The choice of clean typography and the thoughtful use of white space are a nice bonus, making the visual experience a treat. Even though Safe & Sound is aimed at young children, its concept and visuals are so well executed that it is a book truly appealing to all ages, leaving the reader with the desire to drift away in a dream through the animal world.

Book Cover - Safe & Sound
Publication Date
October 2021