Saint Brigid and Other Amazing Irish Women

St. Brigid is Ireland’s most famous female patron saint, yet she is not Ireland’s only female saint. This informative book highlights other women whose stories are equally inspiring but not as well-known as St. Brigid’s. Readers are introduced to twenty-three female saints in the main chapters. These include Attracta, who defeated a deadly serpent, Dympna who helped people with anxiety and Lupait, St. Patrick’s sister and a skilled embroiderer and weaver.

Each chapter concludes with interesting facts and fun activity suggestions. A list of further Irish female saints is provided at the end of the book along with a quiz, glossary and bibliography. Excellent illustrations accompany the stories helping to bring the tales to life and adding to the immersive nature of the book. The vivid colours and the level of detail in the full-page images complement the stories perfectly. With its interconnected branches and roots, the Tree of Life on the rich green endpapers is a fitting symbol to begin and end this book with.

This reviewer particularly appreciates that the author is learning some Irish and uses Irish language words throughout the book. However, it would be helpful to readers and teachers who use this book if further detail on certain points was expanded on or provided to aid understanding. The author’s knowledge and her passion for her subject shines through, however, and this is a book that will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Book Cover - Saint Brigid and Other Amazing Irish Women
Publication Date
May 2023