Come on a Christmas adventure as Cinderella meets Santa Claus in this twist on the classic fairytale. Left at home to do chores as her sisters’ head to the prince’s ball, Cinderella comes face to face with Santa as he falls down the chimney and hurts his back. It’s Cinderella to the rescue, helping Santa deliver all the toys on Christmas Eve. But as Santa drops her off at the palace at the end of the night, Cinderella decides she wants to see the world instead.

This empowering twist on the Cinderella story is a joy to read aloud, the rhyming text keeps the story moving and there are plenty of giggles along the way. Little Irish readers are sure to be excited by the mention of Cork on Cinderella and Santa’s list of delivery destinations too. The illustrations are modern, fresh, and full of fun. The pages are packed with details such as references to other fairytales and Cinderella’s little white mouse popping up in all sorts of places. This book is a celebration of independence, following your heart, and the joy there is to be found in helping others. It’s lovely to see Cinderella’s story unfold past Christmas Eve as she takes on everything from trekking in the jungle to building pools for mermaids – and of course she returns to help Santa every Christmas Eve!

This is a charming book which would add sparkle and magic to any bedtime in the run up to Christmas.

Book Cover - Santarella
Publication Date
October 2023