Search-And-Find Alphabet of Alphabets

Search-And-Find Alphabet of Alphabets is an original and fun book, which will prove to be a hit with enquiring minds. If you’re tired of the usual alphabet books with a limited number of words for each letter, then this book is what you are looking for. Each letter is given its own alphabet with such examples as C for Creepy-Crawlies, H for Hats and Y is for Yellow Things. That means there are 26 fully-illustrated alphabets with 676 objects in total to find.

What makes it so fun is that sometimes readers are shown what to look for, other times they are just given a list and sometimes there are two different alphabets to be found on the same page. It’s similar to books by Richard Scarry which also involve lots of spotting fun.

Children could spend hours combing through the book trying to discover all the different words and it is a great way of encouraging children to learn lots of interesting vocabulary such as ‘exosphere’, ‘kepi’ and ‘zamboni’. Children will enjoy spotting a little white mouse on each page. There are also numbers to be found and children have to figure out their significance.

Allan Sander’s deceptively simple style of drawing and effective use of colour really brings the different alphabets to life. There are lots of visual jokes throughout which will appeal to young and old.

This book is highly recommended for anyone learning the alphabet or with a love of new vocabulary.

Book Cover - Search-And-Find Alphabet of Alphabets
Publication Date
March 2018
Age range