Second Best Friend

Jade and Becky are the best of friends, until a nasty comment from her ex causes Jade to compare herself to Becky. Jade starts to realise how often she comes second to her best friend. When the two girls find themselves standing against each other in the school’s general election, is this Jade’s chance to finally come first? But at what cost?

Told through the voice of Jade, Second Best Friend offers a great insight into the minds and lives of teenagers. The story explores friendship, love and politics, and shows how messy teenage life can be. Pop culture references throughout the book make it feel very timely and relatable. The dialogue is sharp and funny and, most importantly, very real. The novella is a short and easy read that will appeal to both readers and nonreaders alike. Besides the story, the book is designed to encourage reluctant readers to dip in. The unique typeface is dyslexia friendly. It is also printed on heavy paper in two colours to keep the text clear and still for those who see blur or movement when reading. This book would particularly appeal to teenage girls, especially those who are hesitant about reading.

Book Cover - Second Best Friend
Publication Date
January 2018