The Secret of the Treasure Keepers

It is February 1948 and our heroine Ruth is whisked off to Rook Farm in the English countryside to help her mother investigate the discovery of buried Roman treasure. But secrets and hidden motives abound and all is not what it seems on this isolated farm. Things come to a shocking head when the artefacts are stolen and Ruth must race to uncover the secrets of the treasure keepers before all their lives are changed forever.

The Secret of the Treasure Keepers is a fast-paced, engaging thriller, inspired by one of the author’s favourite places, the London Museum, and the many priceless archaeological hoards on display there, several of which were also found on farm land. The post-Second World War setting adds further to the sense of realism in the novel and the author does not shy away from depicting how the aftermath and trauma of the war has deeply affected all the characters.

This adds a touching and sensitive side to the book which ultimately is also a rip-roaring adventure written in a propulsive style with every chapter ending on a mini-cliffhanger. The book, once started, begs to be finished quickly and provides great entertainment along with a fascinating history lesson and stirring emotional content.

Award-winning author A.M. Howell has once again crafted a thrilling historical novel full of relatable characters and breathless adventure.  The Secret of the Treasure Keepers will keep all fans of treasure hunts and exciting tales of the past happy to the very last page.

The Secret of the Treasure Keepers Cover Image
Publication Date
March 2022