Secrets of a Rebel Rock Star

This rockin’ book takes us into the town of Watterson, where Mac seems destined for a career in rock music. While he loves playing the guitar in a school band, Mac is also a secret musical lover. He keeps this to himself, however, as his mother is a rocker and wants to see him become a guitar legend. But when Mac discovers an underground musical society in his town and when his school is threatened with cuts to their music and arts programmes, he and his new friend Flynn decide to put on a musical of their very own!

This is the latest in a series set in the fictional town of Watterson, and it’s clear from reading this book that the author has created a town full of interesting and zany characters. The narrative gives a real sense of a world going on around Mac and even smaller characters are memorable. The friendship between Mac and Flynn is the core of this fun story. Flynn has Tourette Syndrome and Nat Amoore deals with this in a sensitive manner, while making it an integral part of this entertaining read. The text changes as Flynn’s tics come out and the story shows us some ways that Flynn manages his tics and having Tourette Syndrome using music. There’s lots of musical creativity and invention throughout the story, with the author changing the lyrics of musical songs to show us what’s going on in Mac’s head, and plenty of references to popular musicals from Hamilton to Matilda.

This is a sweet story ultimately, with lots of positivity, acceptance and a love for music which jumps off the page.

Book Cover - Secrets of a Rebel Rock Star
Publication Date
July 2023