See What I Can Do!

In this upbeat, energetic tale drawn from real-life stories, schoolfriends talk about their dreams and talents and what they absolutely love to do. Molly enjoys playing cello, Jillian has won awards for dancing, Bryson loves travelling, and Cami writes and camps. See What I Can Do! lets us look through the eyes of children enjoying life alongside their challenges and differences.

Each short, engaging vignette is told in the voices of kids living with conditions like spina bifida, cystic fibrosis, visual and hearing impairments, autism, dyscalculia and more. It’s not always easy; Bryson’s muscular dystrophy means he can’t ride his bike, but he loves going super-fast in his wheelchair. Poppy, who has seizures, wants to train service dogs like her own dog Fin.

Vivid and inspiring illustrations with their bursts of colour make characters come alive and are full of humour – the school canteen menus advertise cowpat burgers! Each gorgeous picture evokes touching evidence of friendship.

Both children and adults will enjoy the clear, entertaining descriptions. Anna explains, ‘dyspraxia is like using the wrong hand to do things while wearing someone else’s glasses.’ We are gently introduced to what can help; MaryAnn reads lips easier if people face her, Nora with cerebral palsy wants someone to say hi and ask her to play.

Never condescending and always joyous, this vibrant book will entertain both independent readers and younger children. With further resources in the glossary, it’s also a valuable teaching aid and celebration of difference for all ages.

Book Cover - See What I Can Do!
Publication Date
June 2021