The Seed of Doubt

The Seed of Doubt concerns a boy who, although he enjoys life on his father’s farm, dreams of a world beyond. The seed of the title, dropped by a bird in flight and planted by the boy, quickly grows into a tree which provides both the obstacle to and the means by which he recovers his confidence.

The success of a picturebook rests on the strength of the visuals as much as on the words, and the artwork in this title doesn’t disappoint. The spacious, atmospheric and colourful images complement the hopeful story and, like the boy’s view as soon as he gathers the courage to climb to the top of the tree, they are often breath-taking. The text, with simple but well-chosen words and imagery, accompanies the boy through his trial of fear and doubt to this happy conclusion.

The Seed of Doubt is a book for every child who is enticed and daunted by the world. In other words, a book for every child.

Book Cover - The Seed of Doubt
Publication Date
July 2021
97814063 89425