Sex Ed: An Inclusive Teenage Guide to Sex and Relationships

The School of Sexuality Education is a UK- based educational facilitation organisation that specialises in providing workshops on consent, sexual health, positive relationship experiences to younger and older teenagers in secondary school. The group also works with university students and youth groups, as well as providing training to professionals who work with children and young people across a variety of contexts.

The school advocates a rights-based, sex-positive approach to sex education with no emphasis placed on the concept
of abstinence. The information they provide, both in workshops and in this, their first educational text, is non-binary and fundamentally trauma-informed. Written and illustrated by the school team, the guide aims to empower its audience through knowledge.

With chapters that explore gender and sexuality, the physical body, concepts of sex, consent, relationships, sexual and reproductive health, as well as digital literacy and body image, the guide is framed in accessible yet comprehensive language. The tone is both light and serious, with the book’s authors clearly taking care to treat their audience with respect.

Fundamentally, this guide is exactly that – an informative, engaging, accessible guiding resource for younger and older teenagers (and any adults who still have questions because of gaps in their own sex education). Essential reading for anyone who wants to have open and honest conversations about the things that matter when it comes to relationships, connections and positive sexual experiences.

Book Cover - Sex Ed: An Inclusive Teenage Guide to Sex and Relationships
Publication Date
September 2021