In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen

The first in the geomancer trilogy, geomancy, translates as earth divination, and it is a method of interpreting patterns within nature, in the soil, rocks, sand or trees. Cartography is important in this new book as it was in Hargrave’s first novel The Girl of Ink and Stars.

There is a rhythm and texture to this novel that is beautifully lyrical and enticing; Hargrave writes with tangible warmth for her characters. The author presents a reimagined Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales as the setting for her story. The protagonist Ysolda, her sea-hawk Nara, Seren, the wolf queen and the General, are all powerfully drawn characters. The story engages with world-building, superstition, rituals, customs and shamanic traditions. Underlining the fragility of the planet, there are quakes, red burning skies and power growing along the lines of the earth. There are a range of timely themes centred on listening to the natural world, environmentalism, and the role of women as leaders, but these are embedded in the overall narrative rather than overt.

This is a beautiful edition of a wonderful book that would appeal to readers aged 9 years upwards as well as to a younger teen audience.

Book Cover - In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen
Publication Date
August 2023