Shadowhall Academy: The Whispering Walls

Set in the cold dark English countryside, Phil Hickes contribution to the boarding school genre brings a spooky twist and puzzling mystery for readers who like ghostly hauntings.

Lillian is the new girl at Shadowhall. Her first week is filled with new rules, new roommates, and being woken in the middle of the night by a strange noise in the walls. Could it be the ghost of a past pupil who died tragically? Or just a classmate playing a prank on the new girls? Together with her new friends, Lillian uncovers a centuries-old mystery involving the past residents of Shadowhall and unwittingly puts herself in the path of a dangerous presence.

Combining likable prose and a touch of humour, Hickes crafts a narrative that seamlessly weaves ghostly intrigue with palpable suspense. For those seeking an immersive, haunting experience, this book offers the comforting ambiance of a classic boarding school novel and a heart-racing mystery that lingers long after lights-out.

Book Cover - Shadowhall Academy - The Whispering Walls
Publication Date
February 2024