Shakespeare: Great Lives in Graphics

Shakespeare: Great Lives in Graphics is an engaging and exciting read, with just enough gruesome titbits on Tudor England to fascinate young readers. Laid out in the style of an infographic, this book shares a surprising wealth of information on the Bard himself as well as the time he lived in. Children will enjoy comparing their own experience of school to those of Tudor children, as well as how stagecraft and special effects were created 423 years ago.

The illustrations are bold, simple, and striking. Every square inch of this book is utilised to pack in a vast array of anecdotes and bite size chunks of history. The pages are quite busy as a result, and you find your eye skipping around to absorb as much information as possible. I can see this book being read and re-read, with new stories being discovered each time.

Replete with quizzes, references to Justin Bieber, personality tests, and even a homemade recipe for a Tudor beauty mask, this is an entertaining and lively read for young history buffs. Those who enjoyed the Horrible Histories series as children will be struck by nostalgia as the concept is quite similar, with a more modern layout. Overall, the project succeeds in making Shakespeare and his works relatable to the children of today, as well as championing the message that even those with humble beginnings can achieve greatness and make their mark on the world.

Book cover - Shakespeare: Great Lives In Graphics
Publication Date
November 2021