Share A Story: Intergenerational Reading Guide 2022

The Share A Story reading guide was published in 2022 and celebrates the value of connecting different generations through reading.

The guide contains nearly 30 books which show positive intergenerational relationships and a list of expert tips on choosing and sharing these stories. Share A Story is aimed at educators of children aged 0–12, but can be used by anyone interested in building friendship between readers young and old.

"The bond between children and older family members is such a special thing. Sharing a story is another way for children and young people to connect with their grandparents, great-aunts and -uncles and other older people in their lives."

Share A Story was published to mark Global Intergenerational Week 2022 (25th April–1st May), together with TOY (Together Young & Old) Project, Hibernia College and Generations Working Together. 


Cover illustration by Gus Campbell for Generations Working Together (GWT)

Reviews Editor:

Juliette Saumande

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