Sherlock Bones and The Case Of The Crown Jewels

Has someone stolen your most prized tiara? Taken your favourite pocket watch? Made off with all your carrots? If so, then Sherlock Bones and Dr Jane Catson are here to save the day. Join in and help Bones and Catson uncover who has stolen the crown jewels from Kennel Palace.

Tim Collins and John Bigwood have banded together to create a highly illustrated, engaging read. Scattered throughout this thrilling mystery novel are brainteasers and games designed to give clues and keep the reader thinking, and almost every single page is accentuated by Bigwood’s charming illustrations.

Collins has adapted Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic stories of Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson into a more child-friendly medium while also including some clever nods to the inspiration for this captivating children’s novel. Adults will be able to appreciate the witty references to the original stories when reading this book with children (for example: Bones’s tendency to chew bones when dealing with a particularly difficult case; or the Scotland Yard police force consisting almost entirely of excitable young puppies).

Accompanied by Bigwood’s highly atmospheric and expressive illustrations, Collins has offered a wonderful spin on Conan Doyle’s captivating dramatis personae. Bones and Catson embody a unique and entertaining interpretation of Conan Doyle’s literary behemoths, and the villains in the story are just as dastardly and scheming as any Sherlockian antagonist.

Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Crown Jewels is a gripping read for children that love to be challenged.

Sherlock Bones and The Case Of The Crown Jewels
Publication Date
May 2022