The Silver Road

Rosaleen Darke has enough on her plate; her beloved Mamó has passed away, her parents are working all hours, her old friends have left her behind and her new classmates are being less than friendly. Into all of this lands an ice giant who wordlessly entrusts her with a powerful (possibly evil) stone. Very quickly, Rose realises that there might have been a lot more truth to her Mamó’s old stories of magic than she had realised.

This is Sinéad O’Hart’s fifth book for older children, but here the fantasy element of the novel is firmly rooted in Irish folklore and mythology with the quest of the story shaped around the saving of the old magic of Ireland which is found running through the Silver Road. As wonderful as this adventure story is however, it is the sure sense of balance which O’Hart strikes between the fantasy and the reality which provides the heart of the book. This is perhaps best captured in the friendship Rose has with Nellie and Gracie in the story. While these two are in fact Rose’s gateway into the magical world around her, it’s obvious that she’s initially drawn to them out of loneliness.

This book is perfect for older children who are fond of fantasy and magic, its pace will keep their attention while it’s distinctly Irish setting will have a wide appeal. The character and phrase guide included at the back give a welcome bit of insight and context for those readers who may want to find out more about the rich folklore of Ireland.

About the Author
Sinead O'Hart Headshot
Sinéad O’Hart was raised in a small house full of books in the south-east of Ireland. She has a degree in Medieval English and has had many careers (including butcher, bookseller and university lecturer). She now lives in County Meath, near Dublin, with her husband, their daughter and an ever-expanding book collection.
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Publication Date
September 2023