Sir Adam the Brave and the Moody Monsters

When monsters wreak havoc on the magical kingdom of Wompie, the people fear they will have to cancel the Wompie Wonder Fair. All hope seems lost until Sir Adam the Brave sets out to challenge the monsters and restore fun to Wompie. Sir Adam encounters three moody monsters: one sad, one scared, one angry, and all completely misunderstood. He empathises and encourages the monsters to return with him to Wompie, where he convinces the people that the monsters mean no harm and ensures the Wompie Wonder Fair is better than ever.

The dramatic illustrations take readers on a quest across many lands in a lovely romp of text and image that bring this fantasyland to life. One illustration sums up the book’s mood nicely: the scared monster covers his eyes, towering over the royal doctor as she attempts to pull a thorn from his foot, while Sir Adam, small in comparison, looks concerned and lays a comforting hand on the monster, remaining by his side through the ordeal.  

Sir Adam the Brave shows readers how to be kind and listen. The reader learns alongside the monsters how to handle their moodiness. We are reminded that “brave monsters face their fears.” And there is no one better than Sir Adam, questing on his trusty steed, his wheelchair “fully oiled and tyres pumped”, to prove that “knights of all shapes and sizes can make a difference.” Most helpful is the knight’s log, with practical steps on how to approach a moody monster.

About the Author
David and Adam King
David King is an Irish children’s author passionate about telling engaging stories with heartfelt messages. He has worked in education his whole life and is a Doctor of Education. A Hug for You, the story of his son Adam’s virtual hug, was a number one bestseller and winner of the An Post Junior Children’s Irish Book Award in 2021. Sir Adam the Brave and the Moody Monsters was published in 2022
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Sir Adam the Brave - book cover
Publication Date
October 2022