The Sky Over Rebecca

Kara Lukas is lonely. In the atmospheric Swedish winter, she watches the frozen lake, watches the stars, and tries to uncover the mystery of a snow angel. Strange noises in the woods and inexplicable footprints lead her to Rebecca and her brother Samuel in their small isle hideout. The Jewish siblings are not only from another place, but another time. A bond of friendship forms across space and time as two lonely girls find each other.

In this heartfelt debut novel, Matthew Fox seamlessly weaves together two time periods in order to tell an introspective and captivating story about the power of coming together during dark times. While this is a book for young readers, it deals with heavy themes, and it does not shy away from the horrors of World War II and the Holocaust. The past Kara visits is a cold, dangerous and hostile place. Fox skilfully balances Kara’s contemporary issues with the perils of surviving a relentless winter during war. Themes of friendship, loneliness, loss, sacrifice, and bullying are explored as both Kara and Rebecca come together and find bravery in the face of exceptional hardship.

This is a compelling and magical read that keeps readers engaged throughout. Kara is a sensitive and insightful child; and it is rewarding to see her come into herself and find her voice and the power to stand up for herself and others. Highly recommended for readers of all ages wishing to look back at the ghosts of our past.