So Let Them Burn

This expansive, gorgeously detailed book brings traditional European fantasy elements face to face with Jamaican-inspired ancestor magic in a timely exploration of colonialism, imperialism, and rebuilding in the aftermath of both.


Faron Vincent is reckless and self-centred, chosen by the gods of her people five years ago to channel their powers to overthrow the empire oppressing her island nation with its mighty dragons. Her sister Elara, tired of being overshadowed by her sister, is consumed by the need to make her own name mean something. When opportunity arrives in the form of a bond with one of their enemy’s dragons and her strange, beautiful rider, Elara and Faron are torn apart. With their world plunged into chaos, the sisters’ attempts to get back to each other and to protect their island throws everything they think they know into terrifying confusion.

The book deals with the complicated relationships between the oppressed and their oppressors, war and its aftermath, leaders and their people, sisters, and friends all with exquisite care. It explores how far we are willing to go, for whom, and why, as well as the difficulty of coming to terms with deceit by the ones we trust. Fast-paced and full of magic, love, and dedication to doing the right thing, this book is the thrilling opener to what promises to be a fantastic duology.


Book Cover – So Let them Burn
Publication Date
January 2024