Solve Your Own Mystery: The Transylvanian Express

Have you ever fancied your chances of being able to crack an uncrackable mystery? Now is your chance!

Detective Klaus Solstaag, a yeti investigator, and his assistant leave the eccentric town of Haventry aboard the Transylvanian Express headed towards the castle of vampire Count Fledermaus on the invitation of a mysterious unnamed client seeking their services.

When the mysterious client fails to come forward, Klaus and his assistant believe they have been set up, that is until the mysterious disappearance of Night Mayor Franklefink becomes apparent – where could the Night Mayor have disappeared to on a train where all of the doors have been locked and no stops have been made?

An immersive choose-your-own-adventure story with a mysterious twist, this story places you, the reader at the centre of the action. The reader tells the story in first person narrative and are addressed as Solstaag’s assistant. In total control of the narrative, the reader can select from hundreds of different paths to take and to solve the mystery themselves. The fourth in this popular series is just as engaging as the prior titles and can be read as a most entertaining standalone, the interactive nature of this text means that it can be re-read anew by simply selecting a different path. Highly illustrated by Forshaw, eccentric characters, detailed clues, ghouls, monsters, and comedic moments are brought to life in an engaging way.

An interactive mystery that is a real page-turner, ideal for reluctant readers who need an attention-grabbing book.

Book Cover: Solve Your Own Mystery: The Transylvanian Express
Publication Date
October 2023