The Song of Brigid's Cloak

St. Brigid and her cloak is familiar tale to many, but this new version is a feast for the eyes and ears! Written in rhyme, young readers can enjoy the lyrical lines on each page. Brigid’s quest to build a church for her fellow people is initially met with disgust, and the furrowed brows and angry face of the King of Leinster. Resourceful as ever, Brigid hatches a clever plan to gain the land she needs. With the help of her trusty friends, each takes a corner of her cloak and runs north, south, east or west. The reader watches as the cloak covers more and more land.

Katya Swan’s illustrations expand as much as Brigid’s cloak to cover each page, depicting a range of emotions and events. Brigid’s cheerful demeanour and determination are evident in her bouncing hair and wide-eyed expressions. The King’s fury is captured very well in his expressive features. The stamping of feet, clenching of fists and puffs of smoke emerging from his ears are accentuated by the red background on the page. The powerful change in colour to a calm blue on the next page highlights his sweeping change of emotion. Warm background colours feature when Brigid’s creative efforts are finally realised at the end of the story and the church stands proudly next to the oak tree. 

The book manages to give the details of Brigid’s journey in light-hearted verse. A book that can be read and sung over and over. 

About the Author
Headshot of Catherine Ann Cullen
Catherine Ann Cullen is an award-winning poet, children’s writer and songwriter who was born in Drogheda, County Louth. She is the inaugural Poet in Residence at Poetry Ireland from October 2019. She has worked as a writer in residence, workshop facilitator and visiting author in schools from naíonraí (pre-schools) to third level and in outreach education with prisoners, women’s groups, third age
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The Song of Brigids Cloak - book cover
Publication Date
October 2022