A Song in the Mist

A tender and calming tale of overcoming inhibitions and learning to trust people as well as yourself. When unexpected music on the breeze breaks the stillness and piques Chi’s curiosity, she finds herself being led in a positive direction. A Song in the Mist is a true masterpiece and unforgettable in its potent simplicity.

The pairing of author and illustrator is perfection. Averiss’ use of short staccato sentences creates an urgency in the reader to turn the page. Her use of this device creates a palpable flow like that of a song in the story, jumping from note to note, but here from line to line. The song of the words is complimented with elegant ease by Woodcock’s peaceful and charming illustrations. The graceful peach band sweeps and flows between the vignettes, perpetuating that impulse to keep reading. The use of colour reflects the change in Chi’s world and her growth; the lonely and safe blue of the earlier pages are contrasted with the warmth and tenderness of the peach shade of later pages.

This story has endless possibilities for the classroom, for exploring being brave, making friends and helping people. It could be a story for the first day of school too. However, with its quiet and relaxed tone, I really believe it will be an instant favourite at bedtime. A must for young children.

Book Cover - A Song in the Mist
Publication Date
September 2021