The Spirit Snatcher

When Pip and his parents arrive to live in Elbow Alley, it is clear that this place is not like their previous home … Filled with strange people and spooky settings, even Pip’s mortifyingly odd parents don’t think it’s quite right. Then, overnight, Pip’s parents lose their personalities and interests and become scarily ‘normal’! Pip realises it is up to him and his new neighbour, Fliss, to save them before he too becomes a victim of the Spirit Snatcher!

Written like a ‘whodunnit’, Pip and his new-found friend, Fliss, meet his new neighbours and try to figure out who the Spirit Snatcher is, and how to get Pip’s parents back to their weird selves. A perfect read for Halloween, The Spirit Snatcher is a quirky novel full of supernatural characters. There are plenty of amusing moments throughout, as well as heartwarming ones, as Pip learns to accept individuality and to celebrate differences. Cat Grey conjures a creepy atmosphere through descriptive language and a wide variety of spooky characters, but the high point were the elements of mystery.

Perfect for readers aged 9+, especially those who like a bit of magic or mystery!

About the Author
Author Image - Cat Gray
Cat Gray is an author and journalist, based in London and Ireland. She started her journalism career at the age of 19, interviewing musicians and celebrities in between attending classes, then went on to be an editor at a series of glossy magazines, including Harper's Bazaar and Town & Country. Since she was very young, she's always believed that there's an adventure just around the corner, and
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Book Cover - The Spirit Snatcher
Publication Date
September 2023