Sports Are Fantastic Fun

Sports Are Fantastic Fun is an action-packed book inviting readers to be informed about, and to celebrate physical activity. The book begins right on the cover where a boisterous Rhinoceros is pole-vaulting in front of a bright red backdrop. It’s lovely to see these beautiful creatures (that are endangered) taking centre-stage. In real life, they possess a very similar gentle smile to the one on this cover!

This book gives animals in clothes a purpose. It illustrates the different teams and attire involved in sports, as when Könnecke explains horse riding and how ‘’dressage riders wear a top hat, a tailcoat and white gloves.’ We are introduced to a well polished dashing giraffe propped proudly on top of a horse. Completely unfazed!

Technically, this is a well crafted book. There is much liveliness, but Könnecke has created a sense of space throughout each spread. The characters are skilfully drawn with lots of movement. Their goofy expressions are charming and endearing. The tall and clumsy elephant whose ‘’height is certainly an advantage in basketball’’ is just one example of this.

It has to be said that there are few female characters. They aren’t seen playing sports such as tennis, golf, boxing, climbing or skiing. This is an oversight and not realistic.

The wide range of sports and activities covered include fishing, motorcross, rowing, gymnastics, and more. We are even given a little bit of history on sport. It is well narrated by Könnecke, with some good humour and fun illustrations throughout.

Book Cover - Sports Are Fantastic Fun
Publication Date
August 2018
Age range