Spot the Mistake: Journeys of Discovery

Yet another great book from Wide Eyed Editions, Spot the Mistake: Journeys of Discovery is a big, bright and welcome twist on the usual historical books. Ten famous explorations are detailed in the book, including Christopher Columbus’s journey to the New World, Marco Polo’s expedition to the East, and Armstrong and Aldrin’s trip to the moon.

Each journey is illustrated on two huge pages and the twist is that there are twenty historical errors in each scene. When the reader thinks that they’ve found them, they can turn the pages to find out if they were right and to learn more interesting and fun facts about history and world-famous explorers. Some errors are very easy to spot while others will require some head-scratching.

One of the most enjoyable things about the book is the playful sense of humour that is seen throughout. Captain Cook is shown wearing an ‘I love New Zealand’ t-shirt when meeting Maoris and Christopher Columbus appears to have a flamenco dancer as part of his crew.

There may only be ten journeys in the book, but it is packed-full of fascinating facts, which are written in a fun and conversational way. The bold illustrations are also part of the appeal and famous explorers are easily recognisable.

It is the kind of book that can be dipped in and out of, pored over, shared with a friend or read alone.

Book Cover - Spot the Mistake: Journeys of Discovery
Publication Date
July 2018