Just like the story itself, Square is a book that holds a lot of beauty and depth within its simple exterior. When Circle asks Square to make a sculpture of her, based on her confusion about his hobby of moving blocks, Square wants everything to be perfect, just like Circle is. But will it be?

In this, the second in the Shape Trilogy series, Barnett and Klassen work together again to present a book that is equal parts beautiful and funny, while exploring the idea of what art and friendship mean to each one of us. Klassen’s distinct illustration style provides the perfect backdrop that a story like this deserves with his use of simple shapes and complex textures alongside Barnett’s words. The two blend their talents seamlessly, demonstrating their respective abilities and history when it comes to visual storytelling and picturebooks.

Barnett and Klassen are tackling some big ideas, and they do so in a fun and charming way that is accessible to all readers. This is the kind of story that younger readers will love and will keep older readers thinking long after they have closed the book.

Humour and heart are at the core, and these factors will keep readers of all ages returning to the series for years to come. This will become a new favourite for many.

Book Cover - Square
Publication Date
May 2018
Age range