On A Starry Night: Fun Things to Make and Do From Dusk Until Dawn

In a time when families may find themselves unable to travel far for adventures or high jinks, this book has over fifty activities that you can make and do from home in the twilight hours – including arts and crafts using everyday objects, such as tin-can lanterns and glowin-the-dark bubbles, making campfires on which you can cook food and stargazing.

Brightly illustrated with bold text and vivid photographs, this book should appeal to all members of a family. Pictures of crafty kids by campfires will ignite the imaginations of the youngest readers, while the instructions are laid out so that older children can understand and carry out activities, and the guidelines will inform parents how to have lots of fun in these games and explorations with maximum safety. The book is divided into sections covering activities you can do outside and inside after dark, and ways to be creative, interact with nature and even play games. How can you be scared of the dark when you can have a night-time safari, watch a film in your own outdoor cinema or eat chocolate bananas by moonlight? This book confirms there is a world of night-time creativity and inspiration right outside your back door, whatever the season. So grab your torches and get outside! 

Book Cover - On A Starry Night: Fun Things to Make and Do From Dusk Until Dawn
Publication Date
May 2020