A Stinky History of Toilets

This funny and educational book will take you on a journey across the world and through time, all through the medium of the toilet. It is packed full of fun facts and historical stories, all involving toilets and poo! It covers all you could possibly need or want to know about topics relating to the loo, including the history of toilet paper, how sewage systems work and inventions and innovations from long ago right up to the present. The reader learns about historical events, and scientific advancements, all in a light-hearted and engaging way.

The book explains that across the world, many types of toilets are used and tells entertaining and often horrifying stories, including plague infested poo being used as a weapon, Roman's and their shared sponges, cowboys using corn on the cob as a wiping implement, and the origin of high heels. The illustrations are bright, fun, and inclusive, and do a lot of the storytelling. The illustrator has come up with an impressive number of ways to draw poos, loos and people using them. The book is certainly not for the squeamish, and some of the stories told through both the words and illustrations are quite descriptive and a little graphic. 

Overall, a very humorous and colourful read that will have you giggling away and quoting toilet facts to all. Perfect for young history lovers, and any child who just loves to talk about poo. 

Cover - A Stinky History of Toilets
Publication Date
March 2024