Stories of Peace and Kindness for a Better World

A book of seven folktales, Stories of Peace & Kindness gives readers an insight into how seven different cultures approach overcoming the frailties of humankind. Stories from Ethiopia, Sudan, Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and China are told by Elizabeth Laird simply and with care.

Mehrdokht Amini’s illustrations bring the tales to another level, allowing the reader to experience the humanity of the characters more deeply. From an Ethiopian tale of a dog-fight that starts a war, to the Uighur story of nine princesses who keep peace and plenty in their land, each tale has a unique lesson on how we as humans can overcome our weaknesses and create a world where we can all live in harmony. The stories take the reader on a trip around the world without ever leaving home. They show the similarities between people from different lands, with similar weaknesses appearing across the tales and the generosity of spirit that humans are capable of also ever present.

In our world full of refugees, wars, want and homelessness, Laird expresses the wish to give the reader examples of peace and kindness, a task she more than fulfills. The warmth of the tales brings a tear to the eye and fullness to the heart. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy them, alone or together. I can highly recommend this collection to all those who love excellent folktales and long for a reminder of the good in the world, amidst all the sorrows.

Stories of Peace and Kindness - book cover
Publication Date
September 2022