Suddenly A Murder

This YA murder mystery is a modern take on the classic Agatha Christie whodunnit style. Set in America, a group of seven high school graduates celebrate with a week-long 1920s themed getaway.

The location is Ashwood Manor on the secluded Sparrow Island, which was made famous by a glamorous Hollywood movie that the host Kassidy Logan is obsessed with. As the friends arrive at this atmospheric manor, they must surrender the clothes they arrived in, along with their mobile phones, cutting them off from the outside world and immersing them in the 1920s setting. With tensions rising and friendships crumbling, dual timelines flash back and forth, providing crucial backstory for unravelling this mystery.

Muńoz courageously explores teen substance abuse along with other difficult subject matters, including identity, sexuality and socioeconomics with an inclusive and diverse cast of characters. With a party atmosphere to rival that of American Pie, readers will enjoy solving the mystery as to who the murderer is, with several red herrings along the way. The one downside is the twist at the end which is far reaching but it does validate the prologue.

Book Cover - Suddenly A Murder
Publication Date
September 2023