Sunny Side Up

Ideal for anyone whose child is finding dealing with emotions difficult, this story is inspired by cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and gently empowers children to make choices about how they see things around them. Readers learn that there will be days when there are bad moods, sad goodbyes and scary places, but changing our perspective can make the world we see change to better days and bright happy places.

The story demonstrates situations that may be difficult for a child, such as moving house, saying goodbye at the school gat, being bored or trying something new. Using the ‘Sunny Side Specs,’ the author encourages readers to see  experiences with a positive perspective such as making a new friend, creating a toy out of a cardboard box and enjoying a surprise party. Of course we are reminded that some days, using our ‘Sunny Side Specs’ is not going to work and that’s okay too. There will be other days for sunny thoughts and the more thoughts like this, the more sunny days we will have.

The beautiful illustrations throughout the book are in a bright, retro palate. Dye cuts and flaps add interest and surprises every few pages for young readers to enjoy. The book also has a pair of ‘Sunny Specs’ embedded into the back cover which can be used to add a fun activity when telling the story, or can be used by the reader to look at their surroundings and see things differently.

Book Cover - Sunny Side Up
Publication Date
June 2023