A Taste of Darkness

Fantasy and horror aficionados alike will thoroughly enjoy this creepy compilation of thirteen short stories, masterfully crafted by a selection of acclaimed authors of young adult fiction. From ancient woodlands housing monsters, to houses that are monstrous themselves, this anthology features a diverse selection of tales full of supernatural elements and suspenseful twists.

Despite the otherworldly occurrences, readers will encounter many relatable young protagonists that help securely anchor the tales in the realm of plausibility. Within the concise format of the short story, the authors offer us glimpses into intimate friendships, rivalries and romantic relationships, all while weaving fantastical and spine-chilling narratives. Each author possesses their own distinct style, meaning there is something to cater for every taste.

Among the standout tales in this collection, The Wolf and the Witch emerges as a dark and gruesome tale of skin changers, drawing inspiration from Slavic folklore and unfolding amidst the hauntingly beautiful, yet sinister, depths of the woods. Set in the backdrop of famine-era hardship, And the Waters crept In is another beautifully written, spooky yet poignant tale featuring a desperate young girl and the Afanc, a creepy lake creature from Welsh mythology.

Whilst some of the tales offer a satisfying resolution, others are open-ended, leaving the reader with further questions and room for interpretation. Ultimately, this collection offers a diverse range of tales and is perfect for any young adult seeking out new authors in the horror genre. A great read for Halloween too!

Book Cover - A Taste of Darkness
Publication Date
September 2023