There Are Birds Everywhere

There Are Birds Everywhere is a delightfully colourful book that delves into the story of birds past and present. Full of wonderfully vibrant, eye-catching, interesting and intricately detailed and accurate drawings, the birds are illuminated with fascinating yet easily understandable scientific facts.

It is a charming depiction of colourful birds in their natural environment using words that are as amusing and as musical as birdsong itself. It is written in a warm, humorous and simple style: From little feet to perch, web feet to swim, stout feet to run, strutted bones for take-off and landing, and toe-tapping dances.

This book answers the simple question of ‘what is a bird?’ by providing descriptions of some of the ten thousand plus diverse species of birds in easily understandable language. This perfect balance of writing and illustration stimulates our awareness of the utmost importance of birds in our world and of preserving their natural environment. It adds to our appreciation of nature and its delicate balance.

Book cover - There Are Birds Everywhere
Publication Date
February 2022
Age range