The Thief Who Sang Storms

Linnet is an alkonost, bird-like creatures similar to humans who have the gift of singing magic. Their island of home of Morovia was once peacefully shared with humans, but now the island is divided, singing magic is outlawed, and the alkonosts are forced to live in a swamp.

Linnet dreams of using the alkonost's singing magic to heal the broken heart of Morovia and bring the two peoples back together to live in harmony once more. But Linnet doesn't have any singing magic of her own. It hasn't arrived, and she worries it never will.

When her father is captured for stealing a precious jewel, Linnet realises she must act, and find a way to rescue him before he is sent forever out of reach. She embarks on a sweeping adventure, trusting in herself and finding her bravery within, to free her father and fulfil her dream of a united Morovia. She may have no magic, but along her journey, Linnet discovers that doesn't mean she has no power – there are other kinds of magic in the world.

Sophie Anderson's latest novel is beautifully lyrical, poignant and thoughtfully told, with timely parallels of real-world issues and her signature world-building. Deeply empathetic, the narrative explores grief, loss and loyalty, messages of unity and the importance of what we share rather than what divides us, but remains a spellbinding, gripping fantasy. The age group may say middle grade, but this book is for everyone.