Thieves' Gambit

Trust no one is the rule to remember when reading this fast-paced adventure story. Rosalyn Quest wants to have mundane teenage experiences, like attending a gymnastics summer camp, and making friends. However, coming from a famous family of thieves, being normal is next to impossible. After her mother, a fellow famous thief, is kidnapped, Rosalyn is forced to do whatever it takes to get her back safely. Rosalyn enters into the Thieves' Gambit - a high stakes competition for young criminals - where the winner is granted one wish.

Rosalyn is there to win; nothing will stand in her way, not her ex-best friend, or the cute boy who seems determined to get to know her. She tries not to let anyone get close to her, which proves difficult when one of the phases requires teamwork. Through first-person narration, readers  follow Rosalyn’s development as she stops worrying about what her mother would do and starts thinking for herself.

This is an exciting tale of adventure, friendship, romance and betrayal. Kayvion Lewis’s creation of diverse and flawed characters from all over the world makes for an interesting and inclusive read. Taking place across multiple locations with different heists, the twists and turns of the narrative make this book a constant page-turner, with the dramatic ending creating an opening for a sequel.

Book Cover - Thieves Gambit
Publication Date
September 2023