The Think-Ups

It is a rainy day and Anna and Kiki are stuck inside wondering what to play. Kiki then invents a new game called The Think-Ups, in which all you have to do is to think up a Think-Up and it will appear… soon bunnies, octopus, koalas and even a moose show up and chaos begins to ensue…

The Think-Ups is an adorable book about the power of imagination and creativity, with a safe dose of silliness and sibling love. Written with relatable dialogues and peppered with funny remarks, The Think-Ups! keeps the reader going as the mayhem continues. 

Set in a home, a familiar place to most young children, it has extremely cute and friendly characters, beautifully illustrated with loose black outlines and soft watercolour-like tones; and the presence of various animals also makes the Think-Ups! especially appealing to small readers. A very cleverly planned book with intermingled flap pages, it gives children more agency over how they can read the book and it also plays with what is real and what is imagination, allowing the reader to be immersed in both at the same time. 

Filled with fun, creativity, cooperation and some disagreement, The Think-Ups! is a delightful read that will have young readers thinking about cosy madness in their own lives!

The Think-Ups - book cover
Publication Date
January 2022