A Tiger Named Lee

This is a lovely book with a simple message about fear of trying new things or meeting new people that would resonate with all children. Young tiger Lee is afraid to leave the safety of his tree for fear of the possible scary creatures on the forest floor. His Mam is kind and patient and doesn’t push him into facing his fears until an accident happens, forcing him to face his fears and discover the wonders of his world. The central message is that most people, or in this case animals, are nice and kind and that often it is our imagination that creates fears and dangers.

The artwork is colourful and simple throughout, introducing consistency to the story, and there is still plenty of detail to encourage conversation in addition to the text, such as animals, counting and emotions. The text is full of new words which can encourage speech development and rhyming. Repetition of words and use of different size and styles of fonts will encourage the older child to identify certain letters or words.

A Tiger Named Lee would appeal to very young children and to older siblings so will have a long shelf life and would be one to take out over the years, especially when a child is worried about new experiences, meeting new people or making new friends.

Book Cover - A Tiger Named Lee
Publication Date
June 2021